Meet The Filmmakers



Executive Producer & Original Story

Ryuho Okawa is the founder and CEO of Happy Science Group. He was born on July 7th 1956, in Tokushima, Japan. After graduating from the University of Tokyo with a law degree, he joined a Tokyo-based trading house. While working at its New York headquarters, he studied international finance at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. In 1981, he attained Great Enlightenment and became aware that he is El Cantare with a mission to bring salvation to all of humankind. In 1986, he established Happy Science. It now has members in over 165 countries across the world, with more than 700 local branches and temples as well as 10,000 missionary houses around the world. The total number of lectures has exceeded 3,400 (of which more than 150 are in English) and over 3,000 books (of which more than 600 are Spiritual Interview Series) have been published, many of which are translated into 37 languages. Many of the books, including The Laws of the Sun have become best sellers or million sellers. To date, Happy Science has produced 25 movies. The original story and original concept were given by the Executive Producer Ryuho Okawa. Recent movie titles are Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of "Painted Skin" (live-action, May 2021), Into the Dreams... and Horror Experiences (live-action, Aug 2021), and The Laws of the Universe - The Age of Elohim. He has also composed the lyrics and music of over 450 songs, such as theme songs and featured songs of movies. Moreover, he is the Founder of Happy Science University and Happy Science Academy (Junior and Senior High School), Founder and President of the Happiness Realization Party, Founder and Honorary Headmaster of Happy Science Institute of Government and Management, Founder of IRH Press Co., Ltd., and the Chairperson of New Star Production Co., Ltd. and ARI Production Co., Ltd.




Sayaka Okawa is Vice Chairperson and Chief of CEO’s Office of Happy Science. The oldest daughter of Ryuho Okawa, Sayaka was born in Tokyo in 1991. She graduated from Ochanomizu University in Japan. A writer in her own right, Sayaka has published over 60 books. Some of her main works are Kokoro wo Migaku (literally, “Polishing the Mind”), the novel, Beautiful Lure – A Modern Tale of “Painted Skin,” and the picture book Jijoron no Taisetsusa (literally, “Importance of Self-Help”). Sayaka has also written the screenplays for feature films. She has received several screenplay awards, including April Best Screenplay at Oniros Film Awards 2020 for The Real Exorcist, August Best Original Screenplay at New York Film Awards 2020 for Twiceborn, and March Best Screenwriter at Golden Earth Awards for Beautiful Lure – A Modern Tale of “Painted Skin.” Not only a talented writer, Sayaka is also an accomplished musician. She has arranged and sung the songs such as, “The Real Exorcist,” “With Savior,” “Woman’s Enlightenment,” “Tsubasa wo Kudasai – Happiness Realization Party Fight Song –” (literally, “Please give us wings”), “Shikoku no Haha – Kazoe 90 Sai wo Shukushite” (literally “Mother in Shikoku – Cerebrating Her 90th Birthday”) and “A song cerebrating Lord God.” All of these songs are created by Ryuho Okawa with inspirations from heaven. The song “With Savior” has won several awards, including December Honorable Mention in Song Category at New York International Film Awards, and the music video of the song “Woman’s Enlightenment” has won several awards, including the Bronze Remi Award Music Video Productions Vocalist at 54th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.


Isamu Imakake

Director / Character Design / Chief Animation Director

Born in 1968. Isamu Imakake is a Japanese animator, animation producer, and animation director. He is known as the character designer in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, set designer in Cowboy Bepop, character designer in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and director of The Laws of the Universe - Part 0 and The Laws of the Universe - Part I. His directed movie, The Mystical Laws, received Theatrical Feature Film REMI SPECIAL JURY AWARD at the 46th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.