Beautiful Lure

"The Laws of the Universe - The Age of Elohim"


The story takes place on Earth 150 million years ago. At that time, various aliens were living in harmony by accepting each other under the God of the Earth, Elohim. One day, a meteorite flies toward the earth at high speed but right before it hits, a female soldier, Yaizael comes from planet Vega and she narrowly protects the earth from destruction. The meteorite incident was actually a plan to annihilate the earth by Dahar...



Elohim's Theme / Panguru's Theme

"Elohim's Theme" sings about the Lord God Elohim who descended to Earth 150 million years ago to teach love and justice. A miraculous melody that cerebrates the God who guided Earth in the distant past has travelled through time. "Panguru's Themes" is an image song about Panguru who protected God Elohim right by his side. These two songs serve as the intrinsic fabric of the epic film that visualizes the magnificent history of Planet Earth.


Jesus of the Beginning / Yaizael's Theme

150 million years ago, Amor came to Earth from Sagittarius and preached the teachings of love to assist God Elohim who descended to Earth. "Jesus of the Beginning" sings about Amor's thoughts and his mission when he came to Earth. "Yaizael's Theme," is a song about the strength of Yaizael, a female soldier who defends Earth under the guidance of Yaidron, the guardian god of the universe.


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